Villa De Varda Grappa Moscato Stravecchia in elegant wood gift box

700 ml
Alc. 40% by vol.

100% Moscato pomace. Aged 60 months in precious French medium-toasted 225 litre barriques.

Deep amber, tending towards golden yellow. Nose is light, sunny, complex, straightforward, intriguing, satisfying, intense with exceptional elegant and aromatic qualities, marvellous fruity hints of muscatel grape, pineapple, citrus fruit, rennet apple, with flowery nuances of elderberry, acacia, lily of the valley and wisteria. Very smooth and refined, seductive, warm, vegetal, sweet, distinguished, inviting, well rounded, rich, with delicate spicy, balsamic, fruity, floral hints, and a pronounced aromatic bouquet.


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In the small Trentino town of Mezzolombardo, the de Vardas – noblemen since 1678 – were prominent vineyard owners and grappa producers. At the beginning of the 19th century Michele Dolzan started the art of distillation. The Dolzans are heirs to a long family tradition of wine-growing and winemaking experience that has been handed down from one generation to the next.