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    Vermentino Etichetta Grigia

    2020 Lunae Bosoni Vermentino Grey Label Colli di Luni DOC


    100% Vermentino. Dark lemon with youthful greenish hues. Intense, persistent, sophisticated aroma of great elegance, with hints of hawthorn, grapefruit, lemon, rennet apple, white peach and a pleasing undertone of acacia honey. Fresh and balanced on the palate. Continually evolving.

    Pair with traditional Ligurian dishes such as pasta with pesto, fish, seafood, white meat and vegetables. Wonderful as an aperitif.

    This fresh, light bodied wine is the perfect summer drink!

    2 Bicchieri Rossi Gambero Rosso 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016
    2 Bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2017


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  • Vermentino Etichetta Nera

    2019 Lunae Bosoni Vermentino Black Label Colli di Luni DOC


    100% Vermentino. Maceration on skins for 48 hours. Fermentation and vinification in steel tanks.

    Lemon with light golden hues. Generous aromas ranging from vegetal notes of wildflower and aromatic herbs to tropical fruit such as, mango and pineapple. Velvety, firm palate, well balanced and with a long persistence.

    This wine’s structure makes it particularly suited to more substantial dishes such as stockfish, poultry, soups, fish and shellfish.

    A special, elegant wine!

    3 Bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018
    4 Grappoli Bibenda 2018


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  • Albarola

    2019 Lunae Bosoni Albarola Colli di Luni DOC


    100% Albarola. Straw-yellow. Maceration on skins for 12 hours. Vinification in stainless steel casks. Hints of wildflowers, Mediterranean scrub and citrus. Full and fresh, recalling the senses on the nose. Long persistence. Perfect with seafood. Excellent with fried fish and vegetables. This fresh, clean, multi-layered wine takes you on a trip to Liguria!

    3 Grappoli Bibenda 2018

    2 Bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2021


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  • Lunae Bosoni Grappa di Vermentino

    Lunae Bosoni Grappa di Vermentino

    500 ml
    Alc. 42% by vol.

    Obtained from a careful selection of the best Vermentino marc. Chrystal clear, transparent. Intense aroma, rich in floral notes and delicately harmonious. Fresh, with great persistence and hints of rennet apples emerge in the finale.


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  • Lemon Verbena Liqueur

    Essentiae Lunae Lemon Verbena Liqueur in elegant gift box

    Alc. 34% by vol.

    Lemon Verbena, alcohol, lemon peel, sugar, water.

    This liqueur comes from an ancient recipe that uses the fresh leaves of Lemon Verbena harvested in the summer. Lemon Verbena is a characteristic aromatic plant of the Mediterranean coast. In ancient times, it was used for its calming properties on the nervous system.

    Amber yellow with green highlights. Vegetal, grassy aromas as well as spice and dried fruit. Full, rich palate.

    Perfect after a meal, in cocktails, desserts such as ice cream and sorbet. A wonderful alternative to limoncello!


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  • Orange Liqueur

    Essentiae Lunae Orange Liqueur in elegant gift box

    Alc. 38% by vol.

    Orange peel, alcohol, sugar, water. Only sweet seasonal oranges are used, without the use of any chemicals. The ancient recipe envisages a long period of maturation and great care is taken to fully express all the flavours of the fruit.

    Deep golden yellow. Rich taste of orange. Encompassing, intense and harmonious.

    Ideal after a meal, in cocktails, cakes, ice cream and sorbet.

    The essence and taste of summer on the Mediterranean coast!


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  • Essentiae Lunae Coffee Liqueur

    Essentiae Lunae Coffee Liqueur in elegant gift box

    Alc. 25% by vol.

    Coffee with alcohol, sugar and vanilla extract.
    Dark brown with hints of black, Intense and persistent bouquet. Encompassing and harmonious as aromas of coffee and vanilla emerge.

    This liqueur dates from the sixteenth century when coffee arrived on the Ligurian coast following the voyages of the Genoese navigators. It is produced with a Moka coffee maker in small quantities, following an ancient Ligurian recipe and using special mixtures of selected coffees.

    Perfect after a meal, in cocktails, desserts such tiramisu, ice cream and sorbet.


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  • Essentiae Lunae Rosolio Liqueur

    Essentiae Lunae Rosolio Liqueur in elegant gift box

    Alc. 33% by vol.

    Rose petals, alcohol, sugar, water, vanilla sticks.

    Golden yellow with subtle pink highlights. Great elegance is immediately apparent on the nose: the rose notes are not invasive but well balanced with delicate hints of vanilla and fruit. Harmonious and very persistent palate.

    Produced in the monasteries in times past, it is currently handcrafted by Essentiae with the same care and respect for the raw materials. Made using fresh, organically grown rose petals from the Ligurian Riviera.

    A sublime after dinner drink. Wonderful in desserts such as ice cream, sorbets and cakes.


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  • essentiae-lunae-persichetto-liqueur

    Essentiae Lunae Persichetto Liqueur in elegant gift box

    Alc. 23% by vol.

    Fresh peach tree leaves, alcohol, sugar, white wine. Orange with delicate copper highlights. Intense, elegant and rich bouquet. Soft and harmonious palate, with subtle hints of almonds.

    Linked to the Ligurian tradition of the Cinque Terre, where families of old used humble ingredients to produce this liqueur of great character. Produced with the same care as in the past in small quantities, it has an ageing period of 24 months.

    A wonderful after dinner drink. Sublime with desserts such as ice cream and sorbets.


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  • Essentiae Lunae Sloe Berry Liqueur

    Essentiae Lunae Sloe Berry Liqueur in elegant gift box

    Alc. 43% by vol.

    Wild sloe berries, alcohol, sugar, white wine, cloves, cinnamon.

    Intense ruby red colour that slowly takes on amber highlights during maturation. Intense nose, with spicy notes and hints of tree resin, dry and harmonious palate with great structure.

    This liqueur comes from an ancient recipe that involves 60 days of processing and around 12 months’ ageing. It is produced in the artisan way, using the wild sloe berries of the Lunigiana.

    Ideal after a meal, in cocktails, cakes, ice cream and sorbet.


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