Bosco del Merlo Grappa di Cabernet

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Grappa Di Cabernet - Marc Grappa - Bosco del Merlo


Alcohol content:
42% Vol

Single-vine grappa produced by the Cabernet marcs distillation. The marcs are separated from the must through soft squeezing. Still streaming, they are sent to the distillery, in order to maintain the primary aromas of the grapes intact. Distillation takes place in small boilers, following Veneto's traditions, controlled by able master distillers.

Tasting notes:
Colour: white, perfectly clear.
Aroma: extremely clean and elegant.
Taste: refined, soft and not at all aggressive.

Suggested pairings:
Like every young grappa, it should be drunk cold, at a temperature of 10°C, in small tulip glasses. It is an excellent digestive, and very pleasant when drunk in company after a meal.