Di Filippo Montefalco Rosso Sallustio

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Wine name:
Sallustio - Montefalco Rosso D.O.C. - Di Filippo

Dry red wine

Alcohol content:
13% Vol

Grape variety:
60% Organic Sangiovese, 25% Organic Barbera, 15% Organic Sagrantino.

Area of origin:
The hilly area between Torgiano and Montefalco on calcareous clay soils.

Maturation and ageing:
In oak casks for a year and refinement in bottle for almost six months.

Tasting notes:
Colour: ruby red, tending to garnet with ageing.
Aroma: spicy fragrance with tobacco aftertaste.
Taste: persistent slightly tannic flavour, becoming smooth with ageing.

Suggested pairings:
Excellent with red meat, cold cuts, mature cheeses.

Serve at a temperature of 18-20° C.