Umbria is a small region located at the very heart of Italy. The nation's patron Saint, San Francis of Assisi, founder of the Capuccini Monastic Order was born here ("cappuccino" the Italian for "little hood"). The monks hooded cloaks are white and beige and this gave origin to the famous frothed milk coffee beverage we know as a cappuccino.

Although it's more famous neighbour, Tuscany, has historically overshadowed it, in recent years Umbrian wines have been experiencing a renaissance and growing success within the wine world.

The two most utilised grapes are Grechetto and Sagrantino, both native to the area.

Among the most famous Umbrian white wines is certainly Orvieto that is a blend of Trebbiano, Grecchetto, Cannaiolo, and Verdello grapes and is crisp and smooth.

Montefalco Rosso, a red blend of Sangiovese, Barbera and Sagrantino is a delicious accompaniment to meat and cold cuts.

Sagrantino has become an extremely prestigious, valued wine. Its grape is one of the most tannic varieties in the world. It is inky purple with an almost-black centre. The bouquet is one of dark red fruits with hints of plum, cinnamon, and earth and requires at least 30 months ageing before release. It is recommended with grilled or roasted meats.


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