Villa de Varda Grappa Gran Cuvee

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Grappa Gran Cuvee 700 ml - Distillerie Villa de Varda


Alcohol content:
40% vol

Raw material:
Teroldego, Pinot Bianco and Muller Thurgau pomace.

Area of origin:
Valle di Cembra, Valle dei Laghi and Piana Rotaliana, Trentino.

Batch distillation carried out in special exclusive copper stills. After eliminating the head and the tail, only the purest part of the distillation is preserved, "the Heart". The distillation process is very slow, to allow correct evaporation and subsequent condensation of the volatile components that are responsible for the final product's fragrances and aromas.

6 months in sterile stainless tanks, to achieve a perfect balance.

Tasting notes:
Colour: bright, crystal-clear, transparent.
Aroma: clean, fragrant, well balanced, clear cut, delicate, ethereal, very graceful, with clear vegetal hints and fruity notes, especially of wild berries, raspberry, cherry and bilberry.
Taste: smooth, well-rounded and structured, fine extraordinary harmony, pleasant hints of fruits and flowers, and a pleasingly delicate aftertaste, confirming the sensations felt on the nose.