Guado al Melo

The Guado al Melo winery is located in the Castagneto Carducci hills along the coast of Tuscany, in the heart of the Bolgheri DOC winemaking zone.
The name ‘Guado al Melo’ (Ford of the Apple) stretches far back in time. Indeed, the lands that comprise Guado al Melo have been dedicated to viticulture for more than 200 years. The Scienza family purchased the property in 1992 and revived the historically venerable vineyards.
Their goal is to produce Bolgheri wines that are personal and natural, wines that will be the genuine expression of their place of origin of those who made them, and of the vines that yielded them. Guado al Melo wines are elegant, enjoyable, well-balanced and never excessively alcoholic.

The winemaker, Michele Scienza personally and painstakingly supervises every step of the wine production, a vinification process that is sensitive, careful, and deeply respectful of the natural qualities of the grapes, which vary every year.
Guado al Melo adheres to the principles of sustainable and natural agriculture. They have chosen to follow very traditional methods, and not to utilise any additional substances or chemical intervention. In other words, the only ingredients used are grapes, which are brought into the cellar perfectly healthy and well-balanced, due to expert management of the vineyards and favourable natural growing conditions.
Barrel ageing is carried out primarily in once-used barrels, and partly in large oak casks, to ensure that the scent of oak does not dominate the wine. The wines are not filtered. It
Guado al Melo was awarded “Up-and-Coming Winery” in the prestigious Gambero Rosso 2016 Italian wine guide.

Guado al Melo Wine

Bianco Toscana
Pairs perfectly with vegetarian, fish and curry dishes, cheese, white meat, and pasta with white sauce. Wonderful as an aperitif or a “meditation wine”
Rosso Toscana Jassarte
Pairs perfectly with meat, roasted or grilled poultry, soups, slightly spicy dishes and ripened cheese. Excellent as a “meditation wine”
Bolgheri Superiore Atis
Pairs perfectly with meat, rich pasta dishes, wild game, aged and blue cheese. Wonderful as a “meditation wine”