The Armosa Estate located in Scicli in the province of Ragusa was created in 2002 by Michele Molgg and Elisabetta Arrabito to cultivate wine-producing vines.

The first Nero d'Avola vineyard was planted in 2003 in a terroir chosen especially for its sandy tuff soil and immediate proximity to the sea.

Armosa's philosophy is to enhance the reputation of Nero d'Avola, Sicily's premium native grape, by growing it in a variety of terroirs so as to produce quality wines with a distinct personality that personifies the territory itself.

Armosa Wine

Moscato Salipetrj
Ideal with fish or fish based pasta or rice dishes. Extremely pleasant drunk on its own
Nero d'Avola Siclys
Excellent with mature cheeses, red meat and beef "tagliata"
Nero d'Avola Curma
Excellent with mature cheeses, red meat and beef "tagliata"
Grappa Nero d'Avola Ayn
100% Organic Nero d'Avola pomace. 45% vol