Sicily is an island situated at the very south of the toe of Italy and is at the heart of the Mediterranean. It is known for its natural and artistic beauty, however, in recent years, its wines have come to the forefront and become popular not only in Italy but throughout the world. A new generation of young entrepreneurs has invested quite heavily within this sector and many of Italy's most important enologists have given their contribution to perfecting and improving the quality of its wines.

Sicily's red wine par excellence is its Nero d'Avola, which was known at the time of the Ancient Greeks. Its flavour perfectly reflects the soil and climate of Sicily: it is warm, full-bodied, well structured, has multiple aromas and notes of black cherry, spice and liquorice with long lasting tannins. It also produces excellent wines when it is blended with Syrah. When Nero d'Avola is blended with the native Frappato grape, it produces an exquisite red wine called Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

As for white wines, Sicily's most famous are Inzolia and Grillo. They are fresh, aromatic with distinct citrus notes.

Sicily has always been known for its production of many excellent dessert wines: Malvasia di Lipari, made using Malvasia grapes and Corinto Nero; Moscato di Siracusa and Moscato di Noto produced with white Moscato grapes and Moscato di Pantelleria made with Zibibbo grapes or Moscato di Alessandria.

Its famous Marsala, an aromatic and fortified dessert wine is also highly commendable.


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