Castello di Uviglie

Castello di Uviglie is a small estate located in Monferrato, Piedmont. It is owned by Simone Lupano who, in 1992, re-launched vine cultivation on the property. The Uviglie Castle rises on the hills to the east of Rosignano Monferrato at about 8 km from Casale Monferrato. The Paucaparte di Celle family built it between 1239 and 1271 and in 1491 it passed to the Earls Pico-Gonzaga who started agricultural activities. Today there are 120 hectares of which 25 are planted with vineyards. Castello di Uviglie wines are the result of a great love for the region and its vineyards. Such is its beauty that it is a UNESCO world heritage listed site.

Castello di Uviglie Wine

Grignolino San Bastiano
An extremely versatile wine. It is perfect with starters, charcuterie, risotto, white meat and fish or simply on its own
Extra Brut Le Cave
Superb with shellfish (in particular oysters), pasta and rice dishes, fish, vegetables, white meat