Lunae Bosoni

The name Lvnae is inspired by the town of Luni, an ancient Etruscan and Greek port, consecrated to the goddess Selene by the Greeks (Luna, for the Romans). The first Luna settlement was founded by the Romans in 177 B.C. Lvnae Bosoni wine production is rooted in the ancient history of this land and its peoples, the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, from whom it has inherited a great winemaking tradition.

Lunae was built on the dreams and passion of Paolo Bosoni who, in 1966, inherited the family’s land, for generations devoted to agriculture, and switched his focus to wine production. Paolo Bosoni supervises and coordinates the work in the cellar and the vineyard with the help of his family.

The vineyards lie in the Colli di Luni, from the plain to the south of the river Magra to the Apuan Alps in the province of La Spezia in the end corner of eastern Liguria, bordering Tuscany and cover an area of 45 hectares. The Apuan Alps and the mountains give protection from the cold northerly winds, while the sea provides good ventilation and a remarkable temperature range, excellent for the quality and characters of the wines.

Lunae believes in the exceptional nature of every single plot and its fruit. That is why their philosophy is to appreciate and rediscover native vines in order to bring out their maximum quality. Vermentino is a grape they have always worked with, and they are well aware of the unique properties bestowed by their terroir. Lunae have also decided to preserve and plant native vines like Albarola, Vermentino Nero, Malvasia, Pollera Nera and Massareta, aware of the uniqueness of their fruit.

Each wine is born out of the desire to express and proclaim the properties and characters of traditional vines with respect for the terroir of the different cultivated areas. Lunae has completely eliminated the use of herbicides and uses natural fertilizers and the grapes are harvested by hand. Their production philosophy is to understand and give voice to nature and the great wealth of this most unique territory.

Lunae Bosoni Wine

Particularly suitable with seafood dishes. Excellent with fried fish and raw vegetables
Vermentino Etichetta Grigia
This wine’s structure makes it particularly suitable for the dishes of traditional Ligurian cuisine, such as “testarolo” pancakes with mushrooms, and Ligurian-style stuffed pasta. It also pairs well with white meat and vegetables
Vermentino Etichetta Nera
The wine’s structure makes it particularly suitable with the most substantial dishes of Ligurian cuisine such as stockfish, poultry, soups and fish
Grappa Vermentino
100% Vermentino pomace. 42% vol