Essentiae Lunae Orange Liqueur

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Liqueur name:
Liquore all’arancia  (Orange Liqueur) – Essentiae Lunae (500ml)


Alcohol content:
38% Vol

Area of origin:
Ortonuovo and Castelnuovo Magra in Lunigiana, on the boarder between Tuscany and Liguria.

Production period:
January – March.

Orange peel, alcohol, sugar, water.
It is the essence and taste of summer on the Mediterranean coast. Only sweet seasonal oranges are used, without the use of any chemicals. The ancient recipe envisages a long period of maturation and great care is taken to fully express all the flavours of the fruit.

Tasting notes:
Colour: very deep golden yellow colour.
Aroma: encompassing and intense.
Taste: harmonious and very balanced.

Serving suggestion:
Perfect after a meal (as an alternative to limoncello), in cocktails, desserts (ice-cream, sorbet, cakes) and main dishes (as a reduction).

Serve at a temperature of 10-14° C.