Essentiae Lunae Coffee Liqueur

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Liqueur name:
Liquore al Caffe’  (Coffee Liqueur) – Essentiae Lunae (500ml)


Alcohol content:
25% Vol

Area of origin:
Ortonuovo and Castelnuovo Magra in Lunigiana, on the boarder between Tuscany and Liguria.

The aromas of this liqueur date from the sixteenth century when coffee arrived on the Ligurian coast following the voyages of the Genoese navigators.

Production period:
January – May.

Coffee with alcohol, sugar and vanilla extract. It is produced with the Moka coffee maker in small quantities, following an ancient Ligurian recipe and using special mixtures of selected coffees.

Tasting notes:
Colour: dark brown with hints of black.
Aroma: intense and persistent.
Taste: encompassing and harmonious as aromatic hints of coffee and vanilla emerge.

Serving suggestion:
Perfect after a meal, in cocktails, desserts (ice-cream, sorbet, in the dough) and main dishes (such as a reduction).

Serve at a temperature of 10-14° C.